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We’re moving into our CHIP 2.0 ERA! We’ve all come to know and love the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) as one of the world’s most scientifically proven, intensive lifestyle intervention solutions, designed to help support and facilitate the prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic disease, and FULL POWER is here to build on that foundation to give you nature’s bio hacks for optimal vitality. We’ll address: low energy, mental health issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pains, weight issues, and so much more!

Through FULL POWER’s 12 engaging sessions we’ll discover:

  • Natural ways to reverse & prevent chronic disease
  • Non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce stress
  • The biggest predictor of success in life and career
  • How to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours
  • How a “terminal” heart patient lived 35 more years

Join us for a free information session on Sunday, September 24th at 6PM to learn about this new program which will combine lifestyle medicine with personal growth principles to get you running on full power and propel you to the best version of yourself!

Full Power will be presented by Dr Ern Brake in person and this dynamic group program is focused on whole-person health, integrating optimal nutrition, exercise, and behavioural psychology principles and tools. Participants learn from world-leading experts and benefit from group support. You’ll even learn how to make nutritious, great-tasting food while spending less. Program starts this October!

But wait…

Although, structured differently, the FULL POWER program shares many similarities with the popular CHIP program. Here are six ways in which FULL POWER compares to CHIP:
1. Both CHIP and FULL POWER are based on evidence-based lifestyle medicine.
2. Both CHIP and FULL POWER can prevent and, in many cases, reverse chronic disease of all kinds.
3. Both CHIP and FULL POWER include “before and after” assessments. FULL POWER includes a subjective vitality assessment in addition to objective biomarkers.
4. The health principles of CHIP and FULL POWER have been studied by scientists and reported in many top peer-reviewed scientific journals.
5. FULL POWER places more emphasis on measuring a set of behaviors that lead to optimal vitality through the 28-Day FULL POWER Dashboard and Scorecards.
6. FULL POWER places more emphasis on personal development and addresses all contributors to optimal vitality – mental, emotional, social and spiritual – contributors of vitality.

Join us for our Information Session to learn more!

Join us at our upcoming information session at the Kelowna Lifestyle Centre to learn more about FULL POWER. No registration required, just show up!

Get all your questions answered and see if this proven program is right for you. No obligation, come check it out. We’d love to meet you!  

When? Sunday, September 24th @ 6PM
Where? Kelowna Lifestyle Centre – 1130 Springfield Rd, Kelowna 
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Journey to health

Your life is complicated—and so are the factors that have led to your current state of health.

Full Power works with you to identify lifestyle conditions that could allow disease to take root.

Lifestyle is the cause of many common chronic diseases—and that means it can also be part of treating and even reversing them. Using methods firmly grounded in research, Full Power shifts you away from unhealthy patterns and steers you toward a lifestyle that makes you energetic and resilient.

Every step of the way, you’ll be part of a community that cheers your success.


Did you know the City of Kelowna has proclaimed October 2022 as Complete Health Improvement Program Month?