Kelowna CHIP Website

Both Shirley and I have done a lot of CHIP CHAT newsletters years ago, but the technology has improved so much we have to do a bit of relearning.  We are going to try to use some of the latest features and include lots of pictures and great graphics. To help keep you up to date with things that are happening we plan to publish an online version of CHIP CHAT on the first of every month that will be sent to your inbox.  To help keep you informed of some of the latest things and events we will include Helpful Links, Breaking News, a Recipe or two, a Book Review, a Great Quote and any other fun stuff that might brighten your day and lift your spirits. It is not that we know any more than most of you, but we are “just one beggar telling some other beggars where to find the food.” Wishing you all the best.

                        Your CHIP CHAT editors, Sherwin & Shirley Goerlitz