A Letter from Larry

We want to thank everyone who has attended our recent CHIP session as well as all the volunteers who have contributed countless hours. Without all the help in the kitchen and all the other support staff, we could not have done this program. The food samples were absolutely awesome and delicious!

The highlights of the CHIP Graduation Banquet is, of course, the food… but there was a lot of visiting and celebrating!

It was a wonderful spread!
There were creamy mushrooms with meatless meatballs, seasoned rice and dilly carrots, snap peas, cauliflower, tomato and olive salad with artisan bread.
Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce
Interested in the Banquet Dinner Recipes? Click here.
Photo of all the graduates who received a certificate of completion and the famous Hans Diehl serrated knife.
Dr. Jade Dittaro was with us this evening and talked to us about improving our Brain Health, giving us all encouragement to keep on with the CHIP Lifestyle program.
We had lots of guests with about 80 people in attendance.

Please click on this link to view a short Graduation Banquet video produced by Sledge Pajanconi and friends.

Dr. Bob Coupland encouraged the class to walk as far as we could, and as a team, we made it from Kelowna to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; a whopping distance of 5554 kilometers.  We had some walkers, like Hector Odiyar, who out walked everyone, logging up a personal total of 778 kilometers!

Everyone who participated in this event was a winner! Many testified to having more energy, a happier disposition, clearer minds and a new appreciation of a plant-based lifestyle. Some notable results of this session included one participant who saw their cholesterol drop 41%, another person lost 15 pounds, and another realized their Blood Pressure dropped 20 points, all in just a month.

There were numerous door prizes and Gary Jesperson (Squeaky) entertained us all, singing several songs and playing his saxophone.

So what does the New Year hold for CHIP? There are several exciting upcoming events! We are planning a monthly Green Cuisine Community Potluck, open to CHIP Alumni as well as friends. This will be promoted using our CHIP Newsletter, Facebook and an online bulletin board called Meetup. Pre-registration will be required.

There will be a cooking class led by Bev Haines and Ruth Smith on January 19, 2020. For details see Upcoming Events.

But the really big news is we will have a spring CHIP session starting on March 31st thanks to Dr Jade DIttaro.  She is very focused and motivated and will be instrumental  in reaching the medical community.

I would like to acknowledge some new staff besides Dr. Dittarro. We have Shirley and Sherwin Goerlitz, former Chippers, who are now editing and circulating our club CHIP Newsletter.  We welcome them back to this area.  A new CHIP graduate, Sami Turkovics, will be our new CHIP secretary and will handle the registration and blood work details.  And finally we have Sledge Pajanconi who has been creating videos, posters and other graphic media. We are always thankful for more helpful supporters.

As we are approaching the end of another year we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

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