The Choices and Consequences

We’re all confronted by countless choices every day. Some have minimal consequences, such as whether to have a Triple-Berry Banana Smoothie or a tossed salad. While other choices may seem ok, sooner or later they will catch up with you.  That’s what happened to me.

I used to love going to the Dairy Queen to have a Chocolate Brownie Extreme Blizzard… or a Triple Banana Split. I would ask for everything! Give me vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream, chocolate and butterscotch syrup, smothered in whipped cream and sprinkled with chopped nuts and a couple cherries in the middle.  That all changed after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. 

I realized the what I had been eating contributed to my Diabetes. Everything I ate either counted towards my good health or it added to my disease. It took a while before it caught up with me.

The CHIP program gives you the best information available so you can make intelligent choices. The more you know the better your ability to live your best life!









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